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Zaib hospital Lahore facilitate you with Chinese medical services in Lahore. A list of all services is available here.

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About Zaib Hospital Lahore & What We Do

Zaib Hospital Lahore main focus is to facilitate you with the fundamental care for your complete healthy life. Zaib Hospital utilizes ancestral Chinese techniques and herbal medicines to treat an expand range of health disorders mostly experiences by Pakistanis. We inaugurated this clinical hospital in 2016, every year we treat around 10 thousand patients and more than 15 thousand out-patients. We have following efficient departments in our Zaib hospital. General physician, Gynecology, Andrology, Physiotherapy, Anorectal and Infertility departments. All the departments are supervised by our professionally certified Chinese doctors who have vast experience in their relevant fields accordingly.

Zaib hospital Lahore (Chinese Hospital) staff guarantees you to provide their best individual clinical help to every person. Highly professional and powerful network of Chinese professionals, doctors, and nurses are here. We’re facilitating you with effective services and right care to maintain you and your family well. We additionally have non-medical skilled staffed who work in our IT, finance, and management departments.

Zaib hospital Lahore


Chinese treatments for all kind of disorders and infections related to female breasts, vaginal area and reproductive system. We have expert gynecological medical staff.

andrologist in lahore


Male health disorders like andrological or urological problems are diagnosing and treated effectively. We are giving you comprehensive care under supervision of our expert andrologist in Lahore.

Zaib hospital Lahore


Our physiotherapist team are specifically focus and committed to offering you the high-quality and efficient medical care for the functionality of your bones and independence.


Diseases and infections related to your anal and rectum area are diagnosed and treated in our anorectal department with the help of our skillful Chinese Gastroenterologist.

Meet Our Doctors | Zaib Hospital Lahore

Best Chinese doctors at Zaib Hospital who have expertise in diagnosing and treating all type of diseases, disorders, and infections. ZhongBa Hospital (Zaib Hospital) have Chinese specialists doctors for our different departments like Gynecology, Physiotherapy, Andrology, General physician and Gastroenterology. All of them are senior members of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA). They have special knowledge in treating your ailments with the help of Chinese modern and traditional treatment method and Chinese herbal medicines. They have done a lot of research work in their respective fields. Zaib hospital contact number 0317-1172688

gynecologist in Lahore

Dr. Goufen Liu

Best Gynecologist in Lahore with 35 years’ experience. Specialized in diagnosing and treating gynecological diseases.

Dr. Zhi Wang

Chinese Urologist and Andrologist in Lahore have expertise in treating all kind of sexual and urological issues.

Gastroenterologist in Lahore

Dr. Liu Zeli

Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore who have 30 years skills in treating all the disorders linked to digestive and gastrointestinal tract.

physiotherapist in Lahore

Dr. Sang Mailin

Skillful Chinese Physiotherapist in Lahore gives you relief for the functionality of your damaged or painful bones.

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