Andrologist and Urologist in Lahore

Health system in Pakistan is suffering a lot due to lack of awareness and ignorant attitude towards health. Males are more ignorant and careless towards their health. That’s why 55 to 65 % males of Pakistan experience higher rate of andrology and urological issues. Zaib hospital has one of the leading andrology department in Lahore for providing you proper medical care under the supervision of our trained and potent Chinese andrologist in Lahore Dr. Zhi whang.

andrologist in Lahore

The major goal of our department is to provide you services for infertility disorder and for sexual dysfunction. We have additional training in specialized Chinese surgical and non-surgical techniques. We provide the natural and efficient range of routine care with modern Chinese technology, therapies and traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

Services and Treatments | Andrology Department

Following are some effective treatments we provide in our hospital with the help of advance Chinese techniques and technology:

Our Chinese Andrologist and Urologist Dr. Zhi Wang

Dr. Zhi Wang is head of the andrology department. His main responsibilities are to diagnose and treat sexual dysfunction, infertility and UT ailments in males. Some of his major expertise in treating necrospermia disorder, prostate diseases, male infertility disorders, varicocele, azoospermia and genital infections.

Our Chinese andrologist in Lahore has experience of practicing complete excel in diagnosing and providing medical care to male issues and disorders involving urinary tract system and reproductive organs. He had done a lot of research work in China and Pakistan.

If you want to make your appointment then call us we are available for you to 24/7. All the consultations are streamed lined according to your availability and on the medical need of the visitor.

For more information about Andrology department call us 03171172688 or LIVE CHAT with our experts…!

Small Penis treatment

Small Penis Treatment

Small Penis Treatment Penis shrinkage or smallness is a decrease in penis size. Sometimes penis shrinkage is permanent and other times, it is a result of treatable condition and can also affected due to your lifestyle habits. Penis size depend on the men, and in some cases, considerably. Some studies how that race neither or…

Testicular Lump treatment

Testicular Lump Treatment

Testicular Lump Treatment in Lahore You can examine your testicular lump by your own. For the examination of testicular lump test it when you are relaxed and warm, like after the bath or shower. Stand in the front of mirror and put your scrotum in your hand between your fingers and check the structure. Some…

Mens Health Clinic

Men’s Health Clinic Lahore

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hypospadias treatment

Hypospadias Treatment in Lahore

What is Hypospadias? Urethral opening proximal or ventral to the normal granular location. Caused due to arrested penile development Characteristics: Ventral meatus Ventral curvature Dorsal hood of prepuce Defects: Downward glans tilt Deviation of the median penile raphe Ventral curvature Midline scrotal cleft Scrotal encroachment onto the penile shaft If you want more information call us…

semen analysis test

Semen Analysis Test in Lahore

Semen Analysis Test in Lahore Concentrated suspension of spermatozoa in seminal plasma Ejaculate gour fractions Prostate gland Odor Enzymes which liquefiers the spermatozoa coagulum Seminal vesicles, testes, epididymis Prostate gland partially Gelatinous Immotile spermatozoa If you want more information about semen analysis test then call us 03171172688 or LIVE CHAT with our experts…!   Indications…

testicular torsion treatment

Testicular Torsion Treatment in Lahore

Testicular Torsion Treatment in Lahore Testicular torsion is occurs when a testicle rotates or twists the spermatic cord that brings the blood in the scrotum and the reduced blood flow causes sudden and mostly severe pain and swelling in the scrotum which further leads you towards the testicular torsion treatment in Lahore at Zaib Hospital.…

Adult Circumcision treatment

Adult Circumcision Treatment in Lahore

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