Male Urethritis Treatment in Lahore

A condition in that the urethra gets infected and irritated due to bacteria. Urethritis ailment is experienced in females most commonly when compared with males because bacteria within urethra carried in via urethra opening. Epididymitis mostly due to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which will be contamination of the epididymitis. We provide you male urethritis Treatment in Lahore with traditional Chinese herbal medicines at Chinese hospital under the supervision of our skillful Chinese urologist Dr. Zhi Wang.

Male Urethritis

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What’s Urethra?

It’s a pipe that links your urinary bladder to the urinary meatus to excrete urine outside from your body. Males have urethra from where urine and semen float out. Females comparatively have short urethra which transports only urine from the body, situated between vagina and clitoris.

So What Can be The Causes and Signs of Urethritis?

Urethritis generally causes ache while urinating and an accelerated urge to urinate. Urethritis causes serious pain while urinating and raise the urge to urinate continuously. The primary reason for this disorder is generally infection by means of bacteria within the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract. Some inflectional bacteria’s causes Urethritis like E. coli, Gonococcus and Chlamydia trachomatis. General male urethritis causes and symptoms are blood in the urine or semen. You can face abnormal discharge from the penis with a consistent urge for urination.

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