Sexual Dysfunction Causes and its Treatment

A sexual disorder may be because of physical or psychological ailment. A sexual sickness may be experienced by a couple or individual during sex. We offer you effective sexual dysfunction treatment in Lahore under the supervision of sexologist & andrologist Dr. Zhi Wang and Dr. Javaid. Dr. Zhi Wang is the head of andrology department at Zaib hospital. He is giving his services in Pakistan and China for more than thirty years.

Sexual Dysfunction

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What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Ability illness experiences by a couple or person at some stage in sex, such as eagerness of sex, ejaculation, and arousal disorder. It prevents one being content thru this interest, it could take place both in women and men. Probabilities of  inability accelerate along with your age.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

There are some general Sexual Dysfunction causes and symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol level, are some main reasons for  dysfunction. Spinal cord injury, drug abuse, and medicines for heart ailment can also cause sexual dysfunction.

Generally, there are two main reasons for inability.

You can have  dysfunction due to sickness or any disorder in your body. This is termed as the physical cause of ailment it can include hormonal imbalance, neurological disorder, kidney infections, heart sickness and urology disorders.

Mental troubles associated with the psychic of the patient like strain, tension, more consciousness for Men’s performance, anxiety, guilt feeling for urge, complex relationships, fatal after effects of sexually injured recexualords as an example rape and molestation.

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