Female infertility Awareness

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Infertility in females is the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term, infertility is often treatable and we are here for you at Zaib hospital to provide you female infertility treatment and female infertility awareness from best gynecologist doctors. Most of the infertility issues for women include ovaries that do not release eggs regularly, problems in the cervix of uterus, and blocked Fallopian tubes. Infertility in females can be assessed as part of a thorough physical exam, which includes a medical history regarding potential factors that could contribute to infertility.

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Studies shows and proved that smoking lowers fertility in females and males. So couples who are looking to conceive may want to finally drop the habit. In addition, a healthy diet full for nutrition’s makes a healthy body, which can also boost fertility. Ask your doctor at Zaib hospital for Female infertility awareness about vitamin and minerals supplements that may improve your fertility odds.


A woman is born with a set number of eggs in her ovaries for fertilization. With each menstrual cycle you lose at least one egg, and the eggs quality declines with her age declines with age which means it is harder to get pregnant the older you get. IF you are worried about infertility and your age, especially if you are over 35, your reproductive specialist Dr Goufen liu can help you in female infertility awareness, best course of action or may suggest egg or embryo adoption.

In your 20s. Your 20s are peak of your fertility. That is why some may still experience difficulty achieving pregnancy. For many of these couples, there is a clear identifiable factor causing a problem, such as an abnormal sperm count in male. Problems with the Fallopian tubes, or other factors such as endometriosis.

In your 30s. All of the factors that cause problems for couples in their 20s can also be present after the age of 30s. Egg quantity and quality go down with time, steeply declining after the age of 35, eggs tend to become somewhat genetically unstable which can lead to problems achieving and maintaining pregnancy.

In your 40s. For those females who are facing difficulty conceiving. Reproductive therapist at Zaib hospital provide excellent success rate for many couples. However time is critical in evaluating and treating couples in this age group.


If a female is not releasing eggs regularly, your doctor can prescribe an oral medication that works within three menstrual cycles. Chinese herbal medication can make the ovaries release more than one egg, which can result in multiples. Another option, which also can release more than one egg, is injecting hormones.

Blocked Fallopian tubes can be caused by scar tissue that doctor can remove with medicine. Reproductive specialists can test for abnormalities with uterus and cervix, complications with past surgeries, and antibodies that affect your system,we can totally help you for Female infertility awareness.

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