Sexual Health Clinic – Zaib Hospital

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Sexual Health Clinic – Zaib Hospital

For your sexual health consultation and medical tests Zaib hospital is best choice for you. First ever in Lahore we best sexologists who came from china and have a great research work on both males and females sexual health and disorders. Zaib hospital is sexual health clinic in Lahore providing you qualified and professional doctors and staff. Sexual health clinic may provide tests and treatments for many STI and STD patients.

If you want more information call us 03171172688 or LIVE CHAT with our experts…!

Why Should You Visit Sexual Health Clinic?

You must take an appointment with our online staff for your sexual health dysfunctions. You do not need to take an appointment and to pay that appointment fee again after your first checkup. Our doctors are very polite and understanding along with their translators. Our health care workers and staff are very responsible. You may get all type of sexual health tests including STI there with an immediate results. You may feel embarrassment while talking about your sexual health, but do not need to get embarrassed. Our staff at Zaib hospital sexual health clinic are used to of testing for all tests for all kind of infections and diseases. It is their job and they will not judge you any case, in fact they even don’t make you feel like that. Our staff always do their best to explain everything to you and always try to make you feel comfortable there.

When you come at Zaib sexual health clinic whether you are male or female you can get all tests perfectly including STI under the supervision of expert Chinese staff. It does not matter what’s your age and what is your symptoms they will help to diagnose all the conditions and the underlying causes of your issues and disorders.

Your Privacy is our Priority

When you get an appointment at Zaib hospital we may ask your name and some details for the confirmation. But be sure we will told these information’s to anyone without your permission. We have very strict rules and our whole staff to follow them. Why we need your contact, because if you have some tests at our laboratory and the result are not available at the current time then we have to inform you about that tests. That is why correct information is necessary.

Our Sexologist May Also Ask You Some Questions:

Our doctor our professional nurse may ask some medical history tests and answers from you about your sexual health and disorders.

  • Regarding your sexual activities
  • About unprotected sexual intercourse
  • Ask about your symptoms
  • Why you come here, or have you feel some kind of infection

We will provide you both male and female staff as you prefer. You will get your doctor on time after taking an online appointment.

Infections Testing:

Zaib sexual health clinic will provide you various sexual health tests, which may include:

  • Chlamydia testing
  • Herpes testing
  • HIV testing
  • Gonorrhea testing
  • Syphilis testing

If you want more information call us 03171172688 or LIVE CHAT with our experts…!


Zaib hospital Lahore have the modern and Chinese traditional treatment for your health. We have specialized Chinese doctors who will give you comprehensive care.

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