Bawaseer Causes and Symptoms

Hemorrhoids – Bawaseer is also widely known as piles. Bawaseer causes and symptoms occur when the blood vessels in the rectum are swollen. Hemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest portion of rectum and anus and are swollen when the vein walls become thin and stretched by bowels. This leads to inflammation of veins and causes irritation and pain while defecating and is, at times accompanied by blood.


Are you struggling with hemorrhoids? Are you searching for a natural method to treat them? There are a number of solutions that are offered to you in the market. Zaib hospital have Chinese surgical and non-surgical treatments and through Chinese herbal medicines. There are generally two classes or types that are internal and external. Our anorectal specialist Dr. Liu Zeli has guaranteed results of Bawaseer Treatment in Lahore. We also have Chinese female anorectal specialist Dr. Tongxiang Liu.

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Risk Factors for Hemorrhoids – Bawaseer

Usually, 40 – 50% people in the world are at a risk of facing it at some point in their life. The usual age of its occurrence is between 20-50 years but it may onset from as early as 16 years. Excess of abdominal pressure swells up the lower rectum and anus veins thus causing irritation and pain. This may occur due to overweight, obesity, sitting or standing for excessively long periods, poor diet with less fiber intake, pregnancy or while holding breath for too long during delivery.

Bawaseer Treatment at Zaib Medical Center

There are plenty of solutions for Bawaseer Treatment but the first thought in one’s mind should be ”Why to let them occur at all?” People consume and use medications without thinking much about their side effects.

Following are some effective treatments we provide:

  • Surgical Therapy treatment.
  • Ultra-low Temperature treatment.
  • Ultra-High Temperature Therapy
  • Ligation Therapy treatment.
  • Injection Therapy treatment.
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment.
  • Through Chinese herbal medicines.

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