Breast Disease

In most cases girls’ in Pakistan are hesitant to awareness and get Breast disease treatment. This is why Pakistan has the highest incidents of breast cancer in Asia over 40,000 ladies die each year in Pakistan due to intense deadly instances of breast problems. A few instances of breast disorder can be cancerous and want much skilled hospital treatment however most of the breast issues are non-cancerous and curable without problems with simple medical care.

Specialist Gynecologist

At Zaib hospital we furnish you with the effective Breast Disease Treatment. Like mastitis, breast hyperplasia and breast fibroids. We have  female gyncologists Dr. Goufen Liu and Dr. Aysha Iqbal. She treats all Breast Disease Treatment in Lahore with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, the latest technology for surgery, radiations and chemotherapy for breast disorders which have no harmful effects on your body.

Breast Disease Causes and Symptoms

There are a number of reasons that you can have breast diseases or infection. Symptoms can tell that what type of This diseases you are having. You can have swollen painful breast, blockage in milk ducts, and overproduction of milk. Nipple retraction and abnormal growth of the nipple with redness is also a major symptom.

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Breast Lumps Treatment

November 5th, 2020 by
Breast Lumps treatment

Breast Lumps Treatment | Causes | Symptoms

Breast lump is localized swelling, protuberance, bulge, or bump in the breast that feels different from breast tissue around it or the breast tissue in the same area of the other breast and lead you towards the breast lumps treatment.

There are many different reasons why breast lumps develop. Most of the lumps are not cancerous and do not pose any risk. Causes may be include infections, trauma, fibro adenoma, cyst, fat necrosis breast. Breast lumps may develop more in females.

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Causes of Breast Lumps

The female breast consists of many different types of tissues. The two main types are milk glands which makes milk, and milk ducts, or tubes, for milk to pass through to reach the nipples.

Breast tissue composition may vary, depending on functions. For example, when a woman is on breastfeeding, than her breasts will change. They may look and feel different.

The breast contains fibrous connective tissue, fatty tissue, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. Prevention from these causes may secure you from breast lumps treatment.

Each part of breast can react in many different ways to changes in body chemistry. These changes in sensations and texture of the breast, and they can affect the development of breast lumps.

  • Abscess or infection
  • Adenoma
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Cysts
  • Fat necrosis
  • Lipoma
  • Breast cancer

Some of the breast lumps feels as though they have a distinct border, others may feel like a general area of thickened tissue.

Symptoms of Breast Lumps

Most of the breast lumps are noncancerous. You should make an appointment right now with our doctor for Breast lumps treatment.

  • You discovers new lump
  • An area of your breast is noticeably different than the rest.
  • Lump does not go away after a menstruation
  • Lump changes or grows longer
  • Your breast is bruised for no apparent reason
  • The skin of your breast is red or begins to pucker like an orange peel
  • You have an inverted nipple
  • You notice bloody discharge from the nipple

Breast Lumps Treatment

While it is necessary of seeing a doctor about any breast lump that cause concern, Breast Cyst Treatment is not needed, depending on the cause of the lump.

Our doctor will carry out a physical examination and they may recommend you a mammogram or ultrasound scan to check what kind of the lump is present.

If there is cyst or fibrous lump in breast, they may recommend monitoring the lump but not taking any further action.

If there is an abscess or lump, the doctor may lance and drain it with fine needles, and prescribe antibiotics.

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Breast infection Treatment – Causes and Symptoms

October 22nd, 2020 by
Breast infection treatment

Breast infection

Breast infection, is an infection that occurs within the breast tissues. Breast infections are most common among women who are breastfeeding, when bacteria from a baby’s mouth enters and infects the breast. This is also called lactation mastitis. Infection are typically affects the fatty tissues in breast which causes swelling, lumps, and pain. Although most infections are due to breastfeeding or clogged milk ducts, a small percentage of breast infections are associated with few and rare kinds of breast cancers for which you should consult with doctor for breast infection treatment.

Causes of Breast Infections

The causes of most of the breast infections is staphylococcus aurous bacteria, which causes what is commonly known as a staph infection which bring you towards the breast infection treatment. Streptococcus agalactiae is the second most common cause of breast infection.

Mothers who are on breastfeeding, a plugged milk duct can cause milk to back up an infection to begin. Cracked nipples also increase the risk of breast infections. Bacteria from the baby’s mouths enters through the nipples and cause an infection. The bacteria that mostly causes infection are also normally found on the skin, even when no infection is happening. If bacteria get into the breast tissues, these can be multiply quickly and cause painful symptoms.

You can continue to breastfeed even when you have a mastitis infection because the bacteria are not harmful to your body. This infections usually occurs in the first few weeks of breastfeeding, but it can occur later and leads you towards the breast infection treatment.

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Symptoms of Breast Infection

Symptoms of breast infection can start these symptoms

  • Abnormal swelling, leading to one breast becoming larger than the other.
  • Breast tenderness
  • Pain or burning during breastfeeding
  • A painful lump in the breast
  • Itching in breast
  • Warm breast
  • Chills
  • Nipple discharge that contains pus
  • Skin redness in a wedge shape patterns
  • Enlarged lymph nodes on the armpits or neck region
  • Fever over 101°F or 38.3°C
  • Feeling ill or rundown

You may experience flu-like symptoms prior to noticing any changes in your breast after which you can come and get breast infection treatment. Contact us if you have any combination of these symptoms.

Breast Infection Treatment

Ten to fourteen days course of antibiotics is generally the most effective form of treatment for this type of infection, and most women feel relief within 48to 72 hours. It is important to take all medication as prescribed to make sure the infection does not occur again. Women may continue to breastfeed whether she is on antibiotics, but if nursing is uncomfortable, you can use a breast pump to relieve engorgement and prevent a loss of milk supply.

If you have an abscess due to a severeinfection of the breast, it may need to be lanced and drained. This will help to heal faster. You can continue breastfeed, but seek guidance from our gynecologist and consultant for breast infection treatment.

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Breast Hypertrophy Treatment – Dr. Goufen Liu

October 9th, 2020 by
Breast Hypertrophy treatment

Breast Hypertrophy Treatment

Breast hypertrophy is a rare condition that causes excessive growth of the female breasts. Only a couple hundred cases have been reported in the medical science. The exact cause of breast hypertrophy is unknown. The condition can occur randomly for which you may need breast hypertrophy treatment, but it has also been seen to occur during puberty, pregnancy, or after talking certain medications and it does not occur in men.

The breast growth in females occur over the course of a few years, but there have been some cases of breast hypertrophy where a women breast grew three or more cup sizes within a few days. Other symptoms include breast pain, posture issues, infections, and back pain.

While for the breast hypertrophy treatment is considered a benign condition, it can be physically disabling if not treated. In some of the cases, the condition resolves on its own, but many women with breast hypertrophy will need to have breast reduction treatment.

Breast hypertrophy also goes by other names, including gigantomastia and macromastia.

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Breast Hypertrophy Symptoms

The main symptoms of breast hypertrophy is an excessive overgrowth of breast tissue in one breast or both breast. The growth may occur slowly over a period of a few years. In come women, the breast hypertrophy occurs rapidly over the course of just a few days or weeks.

There is no research center accepted definition for the amount of growth. Many researcher explain that breast hypertrophy as a breast enlargements that requires reduction of 1,000 to 2,000 per breast for which you may seek breast hypertrophy treatment.

Other symptoms of breast hypertrophy include:

  • Breast pain
  • Pain in the shoulder, back and neck
  • Redness, itchiness and warmth on or under the breasts.
  • Poor posture
  • Infections or abscesses
  • Loss of nipple sensation
  • The pain and posture problems are mostly caused by the excess weight of the breasts.

Breast Hypertrophy Causes

The exact causes of breast hypertrophy occurs in the body is not well understood. Genetics and an increased sensitivity to female’s hormones, like prolactin or estrogen, are thought play a role in breast enlargement.

  • Breast hypertrophy has been associated with:
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Certain medication
  • Certain autoimmune conditions

Types of Breast Hypertrophy

Breast hypertrophy can be divided into several sub-types. The sub types are related to the event that may have triggered the condition.

  • Type for which you may need breast hypertrophy treatment are:
    Gestational or pregnancy-induced breast hypertrophy
  • Puberty-induced or juvenile hypertrophy
  • Medication- or drug- induced hypertrophy
  • Idiopathic hypertrophy

Breast Hypertrophy Treatment

There is a standard breast hypertrophy treatment at Zaib hospital in Lahore. The conditions is mostly treated on a case-by-case basis. Breast hypertrophy treatment is first aimed at treating any infection, ulcers, pain and other complications for example, antibiotics, warm dressing, over-the-counter pain medications might be recommended.

Pregnancy-induced breast hypertrophy might go away on its own after giving birth. However , in most of the cases and condition Traditional Chinese herbal medicines are used to reduce the size of the breast.

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