What is Menstruation?

Unfertilized egg by the sperm, the denser uterine lining and ruptured egg is brought out via vagina in the form of blood is generally known as menstruation, menses or monthly periods. Some females experience a disorder of periods bleeding low, too high or complete lack of it. You may experience different symptoms in each month with different intensity. If you will not get Menstruation Treatment timely then it can cause infertility.


So you have to come to our Chinese ZhongBa hospital here we have very experienced Chinese gynecologist in Lahore Dr.Goufen Liu. She will give you comprehensive care with natural and effective Menstruation Treatment in Lahore with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

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Disorders Due to Uneven Menstrual Cycle

There are different diseases and irregularities you can face due to uneven periods like pre-menstrual syndrome, dysmenorrheal, menorrhagia, irregular menstruation, and amenorrhea. Different diseases depend upon different causes and symptoms a woman is having in her body can go from mild to severe.

You have to consult with our Specialist gynecologist  Dr. Goufen Liu and Dr. Aysha Iqbal.  if you are having any irregularity in your menses then you have to fix an appointment with our gynecologist. If you want more information call us 03171172688 or LIVE CHAT with our experts…!


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