Physiotherapy Department | Physiotherapist in Lahore

The main goal of our hospital is to facilitate and help you with Physiotherapy your independent functionality and mobility.

Due to the poor health system in Pakistan and careless behavior towards your health a little pain in your body can lead you towards a serious health issue.


Zaib Hospital deals with all kind of body aches. Pain in different parts causes due to numerous undiagnosed ailments in your body. Here at the Chinese hospital, we have the best physiotherapist in Lahore Dr.Sang Mailin came from China to give you effective medical care with his two decades expertise in this field.

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What Does Our Physiotherapist Do?

Our Chinese Physiotherapist in Lahore works with the fully trained medical team. They perform full examination with careful treatment plans which includes

Aims Of Our Physiotherapy Department

Our medical staff is highly focused and devoted to providing you the best and efficient medical care for the functionality of your bones and independence.

  • Provide you complete treatment to prevent you from any fatal obstacle.
  • For strengthening, mobilization and provocation of your independence.
  • For your complete health and recovery, our Chinese instructors will guide you according to your sickness how to properly exercise daily.

physiotherapy center

Physiotherapy Services in Lahore

To restore the functionality and motion of bones and muscles after your sickness, injury or any other ailment we have Chinese herbal medicines and advance Chinese techniques for your complete medical care.

Following are some effective physio therapies we provide in our hospital with the help of advance Chinese techniques and technology:

If you want to make your appointment then call us we are available for you to 24/7. All the consultations are streamed lined according to your availability and on the medical need of the visitor.

For other information about Physiotherapy department call us 03171172688 or live chat with our experts…!

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