Lumbar Disease Treatment in Lahore

Back Pain from degenerative disc disease can be disabling and cause lost time from work, depression, and inhibit recreational activities. It’s the dryness of disc of inter-vertebral (inner matrix of spongy) in the spine. Usually reasons of sciatica and lower back pain is categorized in lumbar disease by doctors.

Lumbar Disease

If you are having back pain then how you can deem that the affected inter vertebral disc(s) is the cause of a person’s back pain? Visit our Chinese specialists for Lumbar Disease Treatment in Lahore at ZhongBa Hospital for the quick relief from your back pain. Dr. Sang Mailin will provide you comprehensive medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and physio therapies.

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Lumbar Disease Causes and Symptoms

The inter-vertebral lumbar disc is made up of two parts that are analogous to a jelly donut. The inner part, the jelly, is called the nucleus pulpous and does not have the capacity to feel pain. The outer part, the annulus fibrosis, does have nerve endings and if they are injured the individual can have acute and potentially chronic back pain as a result.

Lumbar Disease Treatment at Zaib Hospital

When a patient has back pain, the work-up includes the following treatments. History and Physical Examination – Usually the patient has pain that is situated in the lower back, and often aggravated during sitting activities and flexion. Flexion positions actually increase pressure on the lumbar disc. Our Chinese medical staff will diagnose and examine your problem with x-rays and MRI. Reports will suggest that a lumbar disc that is degenerative may be producing back pain.

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