What is Paralysis Stroke?

Starting with the most common condition known as stroke. The blood vessel when gets blocked, required information from the brain the definite body parts is inhibited, which causes the weakness and ultimately paralysis. If you are suffering from this disorder then come to Zaib Hospital for Paralysis Treatment in Lahore. We have Chinese specialist Dr. Sang Mailin and Dr. Zhang for the effective medical care of paralysis. Where the blood vessel connecting the brain to different body parts has got ruptured. A certain part of the brain has been cut off with proper blood supply you can have hemorrhage stroke, brain stroke etc.


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Causes and Symptoms

Assessing the part of the brain where the blood clot has happened, the problematic situation can be judged. It Causes and symptoms are the weakness in limbs, paralyzed face muscles, hand or leg muscles, headache, monoplegia, paraplegia, and others. Our Chinese herbal medicines and treatments have the highest amount of healing power compared to other Asian medicines. It can work wonders if the patient is supplied with right treatment from the beginning by understanding the actual stage.

Paralysis Treatment at Zaib Hospital

Our treatment varies according to the condition of the patient and type of the paralysis. Following are treatments we provide at our hospital:

  • Through Chinese herbal medicines
  • Through acupuncture
  • By wet and Dry Hijama
  • Physio-therapies

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