Shoulder Pain Treatment in Lahore

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What is Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain may arise from the shoulder joint or from any of the many surrounding muscle, ligaments or tendons. Shoulder pains usually worsens with the activities or movements of your arm or shoulder. Various diseases and conditions affecting structures in your chest or abdomen, such as heart diseases or gallbladder diseases, also cause shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can arises from another structure is called referred pain. Shoulder pain usually doesn’t worsen when you move your shoulder. Live chat with our online staff for best shoulder pain treatment and for more details and information.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Lahore

Yes! You can easily find out the shoulder pain treatment in Lahore at Zaib hospital with best Chinese expert and professional doctors. If you are searching for shoulder pain treatment then you need to about its symptoms for the treatment.


If you have shoulder pain, it is caused by problems with your shoulder joint or with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, around your shoulder. But sometimes the sources and causes of your pain can be your heart, belly, or something else. This is called referred shoulder pain. Usually, if you have a shoulder problem and issue like a pulled muscle or osteoarthritis, moving your shoulder may make the pain better or worse. But if you have referred shoulder pain, you do not feel any differences if you move your shoulder. We will provide you fix remedy for shoulder pain treatment with traditional Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese modern technology.
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Symptoms of shoulder Pain

You might notice several different kinds of pain:

  • Sharp pain under your shoulder blade
  • Dull ache in your shoulder in the start
  • Pain that goes from your neck to your shoulder blade( or vice versa)
  • Stabbing, burning, tingling, or most probably an “electric” feeling in your shoulder
  • Referred shoulder pain is sometime constant, which means your shoulder will hurt even when you are resting or not using your arm or shoulder. But it may come and go.

Before this symptoms and signs get serious and cause severe or disease some and experience our Chinese Doctors and get shoulder pain treatment.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Here are some most common causes of shoulder pain:

Shoulder Arthritis.

Wear and tear in cartilage of the shoulder leads to arthritis.

Frozen Shoulder.

Adhesive capsulitis, known as frozen shoulder, is a condition affecting the inner lining of the shoulder (capsule). The capsule becomes inflamed and tight, leading to pain and loss of movements in the shoulder.

Shoulder Dislocation:

Dislocation of the shoulder joint commonly caused by an athletic injury or a fall. The ball of the shoulder (humeral head) slides out the socket. This leads to tears of the soft tissues around the shoulder and sometimes can cause bone injuries as well.

Shoulder fracture.

An injury to the shoulder may lead to fracture (broken bone). The ball, socket or shoulder blade (scapula) can be fractured.

Rotator Cuff injuries.

The rotator cuff is where the four tendons that encompass the bald, (humeral head) of the shoulder meet. Tendinitis or tears in the rotator cuff tendons may lead to shoulder pain.

Seek emergency Shoulder pain treatment in Lahore to get rid from these type of pains.

Diagnosis for Shoulder Pain

Each shoulder problem has its own pattern of symptoms that can help your doctor or a physiotherapist make a diagnosis. Most conditions make it painful to use or move your shoulder, but some make your shoulder feel stiff. Your doctor or physiotherapist will need to see which movements are the most painful, as this could show where the problem is. They will usually ask how the problem started, how it has developed and how it affects your daily activities. If you can, try to write a few notes about when and how the problem started and what makes it feel worse before your appointment. This will help you get a more accurate diagnosis. Usually your physiotherapist or doctor can recommend the best course of treatment once they have diagnosed what tour condition is. However, they may send you for further teats if they suspect your problems are being caused by arthritis or a more complicated.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

You may get all types of shoulder pain treatment at Zaib hospital Lahore. Shoulder pain can usually be treated with a combination of pain management techniques, physical therapy, and other approaches. Treatment options for shoulder pain very depending on the diagnosis but may include activity modification, medication, rest, and rehabilitation or surgery. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, contact your doctor. Because treatment varies depending on the reason for the shoulder pain, an in-office evaluation is typically necessary.

  • Acupuncture for shoulder pain
  • Ozone therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy

If you are looking for a Natural way to treat chronic shoulder pain come and experience our Chinese hospital for shoulder pain treatment in Lahore.
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