Buried Penile Treatment in Lahore

When your penis is covered with excess foreskin and fat near scrotum and pubic area then it is known as buried penis or buried penile. Your testicles are covered with a sac called scrotum. Scrotum has a liquid mass in it which protects the testicles. In this case penis size is normal and average but it is covered with the extra mass and area. Penis is hidden under the skin. It is not a common condition and issue. There are some specific causes which can lead you towards the buried penile treatment.

  • Excess fat.
  • Circumcision complications and issues.
  • Retention of fluid.
  • Excess fat around the penis.

Due to this condition you may also face difficulty with the urination. It can cause painful urination and other issues with the urination process. You can get buried penile treatment at Zaib medical center.

It can affect you in many ways. It can be a reason of embarrassment in front of your partner. It can causes difficulties in your sexual arousal. It can be treated with a simple surgical method of buried penis treatment. It can also disturb you psychologically.

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Causes of Buried Penile

There can be several causes of buried penis. There is not a specific cause behind your buried penis. Some of the main causes are:

  • When you have circumcision then there is may be too much foreskin or no foreskin.
  • During the circumcision may be the foreskin pulled totally on the penis and hide the penis.
  • Penis is attach with special ligaments with the body, due to the weakness of ligaments buried penis may be cause.
  • Scrotum swelling
  • Buildup of lymph fluid
  • Lymphedema can burry penis
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Extra fat on penis

According to research it is still complicated to understand whether it is an inherited trait or there is some issue with the hormones of a person.

If you observe something unusual and abnormal with the penis of your new born baby then do not ignore it or delay circumcision get the buried penile treatment on time before it late and have more serious issues and conditions.

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How Common Burred Penile Syndrome?

It is not a common condition. Some people might have facing this situation but do not discuss with any one due to the embarrassment and psychological issues. It is not so rare too. Mostly it is a common in new born and develop with time. It is more common in Japan according to the study and about 4% of new born face this situation. It is a congenital condition. So it is clear that it is present in a new born baby. Adult boys and children may also become victim of this but it is not so clear what is the average present. It can affect you in any age. You have no need to worry because you can also enjoy the life with a normal penis after the buried penile treatment. In past there were no such hospitals for these condition but luckily now Zaib hospital is offering you these facilities.

Diagnosis of Buried Penile

Your doctor may diagnose buried penis with a physical examination. This condition might be differentiate with the micro penis. Micro penis is a short penis due to some reasons. It is also looks like buried penis in some conditions.

Treatment of Buried Penile (Penis)

Surgery for the buried penis is most common. It is surgical treatment. Zaib hospital has Chinese male health doctors who have advanced equipment’s and technologies. It might depend on then to choose the right method of buried penis treatment.

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