Testicular Lump Treatment in Lahore

You can examine your testicular lump by your own. For the examination of testicular lump test it when you are relaxed and warm, like after the bath or shower. Stand in the front of mirror and put your scrotum in your hand between your fingers and check the structure. Some time it might be testicular cancer. These lumps in testicles don’t heal by their own, but you might have an easy testicular lump treatment.

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Facts About Testicular Lumps

Most of the testicular lumps are due to the benign.

  • Some of the testicular lumps which are caused by benign only have surgical testicular lump treatment.
  • Diagnosis on this condition is done through a simple ultrasound.
  • For the simple benign, the symptoms is that the lump is attached with your testicles.
  • If the lump is inside your testicle than there is chance that you have testicular lump cancer.
  • It is more common in men who are between 20 to 50 years.
  • It is rare in men who are above than 50.
  • Early diagnosis and testicular lump treatment may prevent you from testicular cancer.

During Your Diagnosis

A physical examine may be perform by doctor To determine the type of lump.  Dr. may examine the scrotum, abdomen and lymph gland for the diagnosis of lump. Blood pressure might also be a part of diagnosis.

Test for Diagnosis

General blood test: It is used to check the kidney function and liver function. For anemia and blood cells also.

Tumor markers: It is used to determine whether it is a lump or testicular cancer.

Other tests: Ultrasound to find the exact location of swelling. CT scan of abdomen and chest.

Why You Have Chances To Get A Testicular Lump?

Swelling of the testicles are mostly caused by the fluid in the scrotum. Or something inflammatory or solid. It can be identified by examination and ultrasound. The possible caused behind this may include:

  • Inflammatory swelling
  • Solid swelling
  • Hernias

Testicular Lump Treatment

For the testicular lump treatment diagnosis plays an important role in it. It can’t be done without a diagnosis.

To overcome the pain and the other symptoms dr. will decide the testicular lump treatment on the basis of causes.

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