What is Varicocele?

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  • Dilatation and tortuosity of the pampiniform plexus and so also of the testicular veins.
  • Seen commonly in men aged 15 to 30 years and after 40 years.
  • Occur in 15 to 20% of all males and 40% of all infertile males.
  • Normal small vessels of plexus 0.5 to 1.5.
  • Diameter greater than 2mm.
  • Mostly seen on the left side.

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Why it is seen on left side?

  • Longer
  • Enters at right angle to the renal vein
  • Left testicular artery arching over it
  • A loaded sigmoid colon
  • Compressed between the aorta and SMA

Symptoms of Varicocele:

  • Swelling
  • Dragging pain in the groin and scrotum
  • Aching in the groin and scrotum
  • Bag of worms like feeling
  • Scrotum on the affected side hangs down
  • On lying down, it gets reduce
  • Bow sign- hold varicocele between thumb and fingers, patients is asked to bow-reduced in size
  • Cough impulse present
  • Long standing cases- affected side testis is reduce in size and softer
  • Fertility problems

Varicocele relation with infertility:

Altered heat exchange mechanism due to stagnation-hyperthermia inhibition of spermatogenesis

Increased temperature increased metabolic activity, depletion of glycogen storage injury of parenchyma of testis oligospermia

Hypoxia, Leydig cell dysfunction or low testosterone

Maturation arrest or poor spermatogenesis

Diagnosis of varicocele:

Diagnosis is important for the varicocele treatment. The diagnosis may include:

  • Venous Doppler of the scrotum and groin while standing
  • Ultrasound abdomen to look for kidney tumors
  • Semen analysis

Classification of varicocele:


Identified only by bearing down that is an increase in abdominal pressure.


Identified by palpation without breaking down.


Easily identified by inspection alone.

Severely Tortuous

Varicocele Treatment:

Varicocele treatment depends of the condition and underlying causes.

3 surgical and 1 Non-surgical procedure.


The most common approaches are

Inguinal groin easier and safer.

Retroperitoneal or sub inguinal.

Suprainguinal extra peritoneal

Micro dissection:

Microsurgery smaller incision is made.

It is also known as microsurgical ligation for the varicocele treatment.

Cut the skin and fatty tissue. Because muscle is not cut less pain and faster recovery.

The doctor identify the varicoceles the swollen veins through an operating microscope. Large varicoceles are cut and stitched shut.

Takes less than an hour and recovery time is short.

Higher success rate, fewer complication, smaller scar.


Similar to the conventional surgery. Incision made on abdomen.

High ligations required.

Larger incision or more retraction needed.

Complications more to testicular artery injury and hydrocele.

Varicocele Treatment – Non-surgical Method

Chinese herbal medicines are very effective for the varicocele treatment. It is mostly recommended in the early stage. When your situation is not much serious than doctor may recommended and prescribe you the traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

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