Penile Malformation Treatment

Penis malformation is present from birth and the opening of the urethra is misplaced somewhere along the underside of the penis instead of being at the tip. The degrees of severity vary or depends on the positions of the opening. It can sit within the glands on the shaft of the penis itself. It can sit even after the ejaculation between the two testes. Although the incidence varies among regions, penis malformation affects approximately one in 250 male children and don’t need to worry about this we have penis malformation treatment at Zaib hospital in Lahore. 70-% penis malformation comprise less severe forma, where the opening is relatively close to the tip of the penis, which affects 30% more severe forms.

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How Can You and Your Doctor Diagnose Penis Malformation?

Most of the cases are diagnosed at birth or when you come for penis malformation treatment. Doctor fined the penis is abnormal during the physical examination and it is not uncommon in adult urology department at hospital to see older patients with mild forms of the penis malformation treatment.

Penile Malformation Symptoms

Symptoms can include abnormal spraying of the urine or having to sit down to urine and in addition to this condition patients may also have other symptoms like downward curve in this penis or an incomplete foreskin. In these cases patients penis foreskin is absent on the underside so that it resembles a hood on the upper side and as a consequences is known as a foreskin. In most of the cases when people comes for penis malformation treatment we come to know that it is not associated with any other problems or disorders, and the conditions is referred to as penis malformation.

Penis Malformation Causes

The causes of penis malformation is still under debate. Around 100% of penis malformation cases run in the family. Current study shows that penis malformation may be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Changes in genes required for normal development of the testes or penis. It is shown to contribute malformation of penis in around 30% of the cases. These kinds of genetic changes do not explains all of the cases of this condition. It is believed the environmental also plays a main role in this issue. Some substances found on our daily environment. Some hormonal medications or chemicals found in the industry or agriculture can modify the way our genetic information is expressed.

Penis Malformation Treatment

The aim of medical penis malformation treatment at Zaib hospital is to give patients the vest quality of life possible to tip of the penis. Our aim at Zaib hospital is to improve both urination and sexual activity. In some of the cases penis malformation treatment is left on the severity of the condition, the consequences of having penis malformation treatment or not vary and minor cases usually require a single procedure and will have good outcomes, meaning that patients can have normal urination and sexual functions of body. For sexual and psychological outcomes, long term penis malformation treatment report good results all forms of this.

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