Prostate Treatment in Lahore

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What is Prostate?

Prostate is the Inflammation of prostate gland in male. 10 out 12 percent men experience prostate symptoms. It is common in males under 50 years. Prostate may be acute illness or a chronic condition

Our best Chinese andrologist Doctor will provide you Prostate treatment in Lahore


Types of Prostate

Prostate have the following types

  • Chronic bacterial Prostate

It is a type of prostate which effect prostate gland by bacterial infection. Its symptoms are very light and sometimes patient might be symptom free.

  • Acute Bacterial prostate

It is a type of prostate caused by bacteria. Flu like symptoms are most common it is more on top other 4 prostate.


  • Chronic Prostate/ Chronic pelvic pain Syndrome

Chronic prostate or chronic pelvic pain syndrome are most of this type. This type of prostate can be easily described as inflammatory or non-inflammatory, presence or absence of infection fighting cells in Semen, urine or prostate fluid. No main cause of it and symptoms may be come and or remain always.


  • Asymptomatic inflammatory prostate

In this prostate you may symptoms accidentally during workout, infertility or prostate cancer.

People who face this form of prostate do not complain any symptoms or issues but they have fighting cell in their semen or prostate fluid


Symptoms of Prostate

Prostate Symptoms and prostate treatment in Lahore are easy or some time difficult to find or to identify.

Symptoms and prostate treatment can vary depending on underlying causes. Prostate may appear slowly or come on quickly, or may be improve rapidly ( depending upon the cause and prostate treatment )

The most common are due to acute bacterial prostate

The following signs and symptoms that may be present with prostate

  • Difficult , painful or frequent urinating
  • Rectal pain, abdominal pain or lower back pain
  • Bleeding in urination
  • Fever and chills
  • Body aches and Malaise
  • Urethral discharge
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Sexual dysfunctions

After these symptoms you should find prostate treatment in Lahore


Causes of Prostate

Prostate is caused due to bacteria which leaked into the prostate gland from the urinary tract ( the most common cause of prostate is bacteria) or may be direct drainage from rectum . It is also spread through sexually transmitted organism’s gonorrhea, Chlamydia, trachomatis or HIV.  Some other organisms for this disease may also found in urinary tract. No specific cause of Prostate can be found

Prostate treatment in Lahore is helpful for you in these cases


Risk factors or Difficulties due to Prostate

Every age of men can be affected by prostate, but it is more likely common in men or younger age or middle age. Other risk factors are following

  • Dehydration not enough fluid required
  • Injury or local pelvic trauma from bicycle riding or horse riding
  • Abnormality in function or structure of urinary tract
  • A prior history for prostate
  • Enlargement of prostate gland
  • Engaging in rectal intercourse

For the prostate treatment our Doctors also recommend medications, Chinese methodologies, and other treatments


Diagnosis or Prostate Treatment

Prostate Treatment plan will depend upon the causes and symptoms as we discussed earlier. Our Chinese Doctor Zhi Wang may prescribe you

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment
  • Antibiotics
  • Therapy Massage

Depends on condition and stage

If you are seeking prostate treatment, Ask our online staff for appointment about your specific diagnosis, Treatment plan, and long term out Look.

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